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DP Information Group is Singapore’s veteran information and credit bureau, formed in 1978. Over these 3 decades, we have earned the trust of government, capital institutions, law firms, corporations and small & medium enterprises (SMEs) in connecting and building relationships which are based on informed decisions.

DP Info operates a national consumer credit bureau (DP Credit Bureau) and is the guardian to the credit records of millions of its citizens. In 2002, we initiated a DP SME Commercial Credit Bureau, forming the first neutral, independent, and shared platform for proactive market and credit intelligence in corporate Singapore.

Our 3 verticals of information, credit management and business advisory services play an active role in fostering corporate transparency and governance in Singapore. In particular, our research, ratings and rankings empower corporate executives, business owners and credit practitioner to make informed business decisions and establish credibility at home and internationally.

Attention: Please note that DP Information has no connection with a company called AO Infinity Global Holdings Pte Ltd or Fay Consulting which is claiming to be our partner/ reseller in the Philippines.
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